Ryan Lochte was dancing on DWTS when a man rushed the stage yelling "Lochte's a liar". 

- Ryan immediately called his Mom and said he and his dance partner had been robbed at gunpoint. 


Former Texas Rick Perry also made his debut on DWTS to good reviews. 

- One Judge said he hasn't seen a politician dance that well since Hillary Clinton talked about her health. 


Donald Trump said he wishes Hillary well and hopes she get over her pneumonia soon. 

- But added that he's going to build a wall around her at the debates to keep out any unwanted germs. 


Some leaders of the Democratic Party are reportedly looking at other candidates to replace Hillary in case her health keeps her from continuing her campaign. 

- This could give Bernie Sanders the chance to not get the nomination Twice in one year.


Supermodel Kate Upton blasts the Miami Dolphins on social media for kneeling down during the National Anthem. 

- The Dolphins plan to Flipper off. 


Rapper Lil Wayne says that later today, he'll announce whether he's retiring from making music. 

- You might agree with me that he retired from making music the first time he turned his microphone on. 


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