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Welcome to a new week and a shiny new Podcast... #203. Join Jackie and me as we sit down at the Purtan Family Dining Room Table for an in-depth look at the book "Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything". Serving as your own personal "Audio Book", I read passages about the behind-the-scenes workings of my hands-down favorite TV show of all time - and reveal what Jerry Seinfeld says is his favorite episode of the entire series. (Btw... the pic is of me as Kramer, & Jackie as Elaine, from a charity calendar we did for Children's Hospital a while back). Before you say "Yada...yada...yada"... there's more.

We also talk about the state of Hillary's Health (cough, cough), How I tried to secretly annoy our next door neighbor by driving a toy tank into her backyard, Jackie's failed attempt to create a new fruit - "The Banapple", the time I turned down a proposition from the blond bombshell Stella Stevens... and lots of other stuff as well. 

So be the master of your own domain...enjoy Serenity now... and tune in to Podcast #203 - It's real... and it's spectacular! And don't worry about Shrinkage... it's almost 40 minutes long. 

Have a great Monday... and I'll see you back here Tuesday with my regular blog!