Hillary Clinton has expanded her apparel line to include the tank top above. 

- Meanwhile Bill is coming out with a t-shirt reading: "A Woman's Place Is In The Little Room Off The Oval Office". 


A Belgian study found that the music you listen to while drinking beer affects how it tastes. 

- For instance if you're listening to "Margaritaville", the beer tastes like tequila. 


A study by Columbia University found that 60% of Facebook users share news articles without actually reading them. 

- I think that's terrible. Personally, I never share my microwave recipes without trying them first. 


The National Heart and Lung Institute in London has developed a blood test that can tell you if you have a chance of suffering a heart attack in the next 5 years. 

- This is known as a "Spoiler Alert"... guaranteed to screw up your life until 2021. 


The makers of LG televisions has announced that it is coming out with a line of TVs with a special mosquito repellant built-in to help combat the Zika virus. 

- This is great news for people who've been wanting to hang their flat-screen TV on a tree out in a forrest. 


In his new book, Bobby Brown reveals that when he was ten years old he made fried chicken with cocaine. 

- He said it was "Finger Snortin' Good!"


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