After a nine month stand-off, Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly last night and said that his calling her "a bimbo" last summer probably wasn't the worst thing she's ever been called. 

- Especially by him. 


Bernie Sanders won BIG in the Oregon primary yesterday and is favored to win 8 of the remaining 10 primaries. 

- Meaning that according to the Democrat Party rules, he's THAT much closer to NOT winning the nomination. 


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is sitting down with some Conservative journalists today to answer claims that the site blocks conservative content. 

- You can read all about the meeting later today. Just not on Facebook. 


Under a new New York law, companies will now be required to fire employees who don't refer to customers by their preferred gender neutral pronouns such as "Ze" or "Hir" instead of "He" or "Her". 

- Why don't they just stick with "Hey you" like most New Yorkers do.  

- I'd rank this, and the new Federal bathroom mandates, right up there with the $19 Trillion National Debt as the most important issues facing the country. 


Ozzie Osbourne will tour historic sites for a new show on the History Channel. During a stop at The Alamo, Ozzie will apologize for peeing on a statue there back in the 80's. 

- He was going to pee on it again, but he's got prostate problems and the show is only a half-hour long. 


ISIS is reportedly using dating websites to lure women into marrying terrorist fighters. 

- Their profiles are easy to spot... Under "Likes" they list, "A girl who looks great in a burka, spending a quiet night at home building bombs, and having a blast with that special someone". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!