RIP... Dick McAuliffe, Second Baseman on the Tigers 1968 World Series Championship team, as well as a 3-time All Star, has died at the age of 76.


A new report on a number of reputable news websites claims that President Obama is following seven porn stars on Twitter. 

- Meanwhile Bill Clinton is following seven porn stars in his limo. 


The CIA announced that they accidentally destroyed the sole copy of a report of their torture practices. 

- They say they emailed a copy to Hillary Clinton...but she can't find it either. 


NBC reports that 15 U.S. college students have joined ISIS since 2014. 

- Remember the good old days when college kids just rushed Fraternities & Sororities? (Come to think of it, their "Initiation Ceremonies" aren't that different than what ISIS does.) 

- Hey... at least that's 15 fewer college students that moved back home to live in their parent's basement. 


A Gizmodo study found that one in ten people use their phones during sex. 

- Apparently their phones are not only "Smart"... they're "Sexy". 

- This gives a whole new meaning to the old slogan "Reach Out And Touch Someone". 


A video has gone viral of a TV weather anchor being told to put on a sweater - live on the air - because viewers were calling to say her dress was too skimpy. 

- Maybe they just thought she was experiencing a Cold Front. 


The TSA is looking to hire more agents as airline passengers across the country wait in security lines for up to four hours. 

- If they're looking for someone who's out of work and likes to grope women, they should give Bill Cosby a call. 


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