CHECK THIS ONE OUT... The correction pictured above was published by the NY Times about a story they ran last Monday. 

- Understandable mistake... Could it be that "Pimpin4Paradise786" is actually the imam's TWITTER name??? 


Actress Madelaine LeBeau, largely credited with being the last surviving credited cast member from "Casablanca" has died at the age of 92. LeBeau played the jilted lover of Humphrey Bogart's character "Rick" in the classic 1942 movie. 

- You may not regret hearing about her death today...maybe not tomorrow...but soon and for the rest of your life. 


A former girlfriend of Donald Trump claims she was misquoted in a NY Times article that said he mistreated her. She said he never did. 

- The Donald immediately thanked her for coming forward, saying "She's pretty smart for a dumb broad."


A study by the CDC fount that 50% of Americans are in favor of legalizing prostitution. 

- Between this and the Transgender bathroom thing, I can't remember when Americans were spending so much time concerned with Johns. 


A group of Bernie Sanders supporters are performing wiccan "witch" ceremonies to help him win the Oregon primary. 

- If they want him to win the nomination, they're going to have to start sticking pins in Voo-Doo-Delegate Dolls.


Veterinarians in Statin Island plan to perform vasectomy's on male deer to cut down on breeding. 

- I guess the usual technique of "Not tonight Deer, I have a headache" just wasn't getting the job done. 


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