Justin Bieber performed what fans called a "lazy" concert here in Detroit last night. 

- So what you thought was weather-related thunder, was actually The Beebs bombing on stage at the Palace. 


A Federal Appeals Court announced that Tom Brady must serve his four game suspension for deflating footballs. 

- Let this send a strong message to kids everywhere: If you cheat, you'll have to spend four weeks in a luxurious mansion with a super model. 


A Harvard poll found that 61% of Millennials prefer a Democrat in the White House. 

- The rest don't care who's in charge as long as they pay for their college education and cell phone bill. 


A British Astronaut set a new record for the fastest marathon run while orbiting the Earth. 

- And the record is expected to stand until Kenya gets a Space program. 


A Swedish study found that men who used marijuana heavily as teenagers have a much higher chance of dying by the age of 60. 

- It's not the pot that kills's all the Doritos they scarfed down when they got the munchies. 


A new scientific paper claims that due to overstimulation from things like texting and the internet, most people now have a shorter attention span than goldfish...less than eight seconds.  

- I was going to write a line for that story, but what's the point? Most of you have already picked up your phone and are playing Candy Crush Saga. 


The Federal Government is warning that the nutrition labels on food can be off by as much as 20%. 

- Which would be a big deal if there were any Americans who actually read the labels. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!