Seems Heaven has decided it needs more royalty. Last month it was a Duke (Patty) and last week it was a Prince. 

- Since these things usually happen in threes, Prince Charles
is thinking a Queen might be the best way to round out the trio.

- Someone should tell Larry King he might want to get his affairs in order.


A U.S. firm is looking for ways to bring brain-dead people back to life.

- No matter how much science is involved, it still doesn't work until
you bring in a magician to wave a magic wand and say the magic
words: Abra Cadaver.


Pope Francis gave a special Mass on Sunday just for teenagers. 

- To get their interest he said he'd be reading from Genesis, Leviticus, & Text-adus.  

- And when the Pontiff said "OMG!" he really meant it. 


A Chinese Tech Billionaire is mocking Apple for being out-of-date. 

- He came to that conclusion after interviewing hundreds of Chinese Kindergarteners who build the iPhone. 


A new report says Hillary Clinton hasn't ruled out Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. 

- This isn't so much a News Flash as it is a Hot Flash. 


Insiders at "Live! With Kelly & Michael" say that the hosts on-air friendship was an act and that Kelly and Michael couldn't stand each other. 

- If they want someone who gets along with everyone, they should hire Rosie O'Donnell.


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!