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Welcome to Podcast #192. Today Jackie and I concentrate on the big "Coachella" rock concert that has been running all this weekend in the desert in California, and the incredible lengths the women attending the concert go to to "recapture their youth". (Can you say 2O grand for liposuction and an abdomen tuck so you can look good in a midriff top at a 3 day concert???) As opposed to the guys who figure no matter what shape they're in, a tee-shirt and cut-offs will do. 

But the really BIG news here is the NEXT concert...

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the Coachella concert in October, will be a strictly "over 70" affair - in that all of the on-stage performers will be 70 or older and will star Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Bob Dylan. The good news: YOU don't have to be over 70 to attend! 

Plus we ask should Kindergarten students be exposed to a diatribe on "elephants" and "donkeys" (you know what I mean) when learning about animals? Or is Post-Pre-School-Politics jumping the gun? We'll get a middle schoolers take. 

So get your Bic lighter out and get ready to wave it in the air as you listen to Podcast #192! 

Have a great day!