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Welcome to Weekend and Podcast #190... In all honesty, I have to say of all 190 Podcasts we've done, this may be my favorite. Our main topic today: the sudden death of comedian Gary Shandling at the age of 66. 

We invited Tom Delisle back again this week because he and Gary were friends and were a comedy writing team during many of years Tom lived in LA.  Tom will explain their working relationship - and friendship - and how both came to an abrupt end when Tom gave an honest answer to a question asked by Gary during a phone call about two projected TV shows, one of which became the famous "Larry Sanders Show". 

He'll also explain why Gary didn't fear death - and in some ways looked forward to it - all due to a car accident he survived years ago. 

And I'll tell you about a comedy bit that I saw on TV back in the early 60's that actually caused me to fall off the couch laughing... and, well, I tell the rest of story in the Podcast. (It's something I never had the nerve to tell on the air during all my years on the radio.) 

So join us as we celebrate and also mourn the man who brought us so many laughs and broke the television mold with "The Larry Sanders Show", thus setting the standard for a whole new genre of shows like "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "30 Rock" among others. 

RIP... Gary. 

Have a great Easter Weekend and I'll see you back here Monday! 


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