I don't know where to begin to thank those of you who so generously donated to Friday's 29th Annual Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon! When we signed off at 10pm, the total amount raised was $1,008,086! And you not only "matched" Gail's and my $30,000 - you turned it into $90,000! 

Every penny of the million-plus raised Friday will go to feed more than 4200 men, women and children every day for the next 365 days, and shelter more than 500 people every night! Once again, I am astounded by the genuine caring and incredible generosity of the people in Metro-Detroit. We take care of our own! From the bottom of my heart...Thank You! 


Chris Rock hosted last night's star-studded Academy Awards in Hollywood. 

- He was okay...but I just wish he'd taken a minute to address the #OscarsSoWhite issue! 


One of the big upsets last night came when Sylvester Stallone lost the Best Supporting Actor statue to a little known British actor. 

- To his credit, Stallone didn't flinch. Then again with the amount of work he's had done...he can't move a single muscle on his face. 


After enduring personal attacks from Donald Trump for weeks, Marco Rubio turned the tables at a rally saying that Trump is old, wears too much make-up and made a joke about him wetting his pants during a debate.  

- Well I don't know about the pants-wetting thing. 


81 year old Yoko Ono has been released from the hospital after a bout with the flu.

- The good news is she's feeling better...the bad news she's feeling well enough to record a new album. 


Australia has legalized the use of Medical Marijuana. 

- So now if a Dingo eats your baby, it's also gonna snarf down all the Doritos and Twinkies you have in the kitchen. 


Have a great day, again thanks, and I'll see you back here Tuesday!