In the largest computer Hack so far, Yahoo announced that more than One Billion of it's users names, email addresses, passwords, dates of birth, and phone numbers were breached in 2013. 

- This explains why I keep getting calls from Vladimir Putin.

- Yahoo is encouraging users to change their Passwords immediately... so Hackers will have something to work on over Christmas Break. 


A top NASA Scientist is warning that the Earth is due for an "Extinction Level Event". 

- Top Democrats are like, "Duh... Trump already won the election!"


A group of Hollywood Celebrities, led by Martin Sheen, released a video urging Electors not to cast their ballots for Donald Trump on Monday.

- I think we can all trust Martin Sheen... He did such a great job raising his son Charlie. 

- And of course he played a President on the TV show "The West Wing"... so what better qualifications could he have??


According to a Facebook study 62% of Americans admitted that they have purchased a present for themselves while Christmas Shopping. 

- The other 38% lied. 


A Brown University study found that drinking white wine can increase your chance of getting melanoma. 

- Look for "Pinot Grigio SPF 45" coming to a store near you. 


Just hours after releasing driverless Uber cars onto the streets of San Francisco, one of the cars was caught on video running a red light. 

- Cops pulled the car over... but couldn't figure out who to ticket. 


A friend of the Jackson Family claims Micheal Jackson once got upset with Madonna because she told reporters he needed to change his look. 

- Apparently it really got Michael's nose out of joint. 


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