October 5, 2016

Last night's VP Debate was a bit of a free-for-all, with Hillary Clinton's Veep candidate Tim Kaine interrupting Trump's Mike Pence & the moderator 72 times in 90 minutes. 

- The technical term for it is "De-bate-us Interuptus". 

- George W. Bush, who watched the debate, has dubbed Kaine "The Interrupter-er". 

- Kaine interrupted so much, when the moderator asked a question, she then asked for some duct tape.


Social Media went crazy after Kaine said he would be "Hillary's Right-Hand Person" instead of "Right-Hand Man".

- What next? "Personal Assistant of State" because the word "Secretary" is demeaning to women? I mean... uh... "People With Alternate Reproductive Organs". 

- And what about Left-Handed people? Great... another disenfranchised minority. 


Commentators pretty much agreed that Pence brought a sense of sensibility to the Trump Campaign.

- Trump immediately tweeted, "Yada...Yada...Yada..." 


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is expected to test fire a rocket today that will include a pre-planned explosion, which the crew would survive. 

- The crew would actually eject with parachutes and glide back to earth for FREE in just 2 Days - Guaranteed if they have Amazon Prime.


Vladimir Putin announced that he is tired of being attacked as a bad guy by Clinton and Trump.

- And if anybody knows about attacks...it's Putin. 

- Vlad is said to be so distracted by Trump and Clinton mentioning him, he forgot to take his shirt off for his horseback ride this morning. 


ABC has given the green light to a reboot of the 1970's hit "The Gong Show". 

- The network is auditioning a bunch of ISIS wanna be's... because it's guaranteed they'll bomb. 


Action figures based on the cast of "The Golden Girls" will debut at the New York Comic-Con this weekend. 

- They were going to debut figures of Baywatch girls but they ran out of plastic. 


A new study shows that Botox injections may be slightly better for incontinence than surgical intervention. 

- And as a bonus... patients won't have those unsightly bladder wrinkles. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!