During last night's debate, Hillary called Donald "the most dangerous person to run for President in modern history" and he called her "a nasty woman".

It was like Thanksgiving dinner with your crazy aunt and uncle...things start out okay, but after a few drinks... they start hurling mashed potatoes at each other. 


Reports say the Clinton campaign was responsible for Hillary and Donald NOT shaking hands both before and after the debate.  

- To be fair, it IS the cold and flu season. 


When asked if he would accept the results of the Election, Donald Trump shocked the audience by saying, "I will look at it at the time. I'll keep you in suspense". 

- To be fair, because of the dislike of the two Candidates, I think a lot of Americans aren't sure they're going to accept the results of the Election either. 

- Al Gore said he was shocked by Trump's reaction... He made the comment in Florida where he was still examining dimpled chads from the 2000 Election.  


Hillary said that Vladimir Putin is trying to help Trump win so he'll have a "Puppet" in the White House. Donald retorted that Hillary's the Puppet. 

- As if the Crazy Clown Scare wasn't bad enough, now we have to be afraid of these two Crazy Puppets.  

- Hillary implied that Putin would give Trump the shirt off his back... of course Putin would actually have to PUT ON a shirt for that to happen. 


The latest Halloween trend among Hillary supporters is to carve their pumpkins into "Trumpkins". 

- Meanwhile Trump supporters are dressing their kids up as Hillary and sending them out to go "Trick or Deleting". 


A video has surfaced of Hilary Clinton's campaign bus dumping toilet waste into a Georgia storm drain.

- Apparently Trump isn't the only one who supports "Trickle Down" policies. 


First Samsung had to recall their Galaxy 7 smartphones for catching on fire, now consumers are claiming that their Samsung washing machines are "exploding". 

- Company officials are doing what they can to stem the Tide of complaints. 


Lindsay Lohan announced that she's going to supply fresh drinks to refugee children in Syria. 

- Well if anyone knows about "fresh drinks" it's Lindsay Lohan.

- Doesn't she know they're already getting bombed? 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!


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