The latest batch of WikiLeaks documents show that Hillary Clinton's campaign van has a bed in the back of it...sparking more questions about her health. 

- Bill's has a bed in the back as well, but it's also got a bumper sticker reading "If This Campaign Van's a Rockin', Don't Come a Knockin'!".  


Melania Trump said in an interview that she was offended by the words her husband Donald used, but that they are "moving on". 

- They may be "moving on"... but according to the polls lately, it doesn't look like they'll be "moving" into the White House. 


In response to the Clown hysteria sweeping the country, Target is no longer selling Clown masks. 

- So if you were planning on going as Clinton or Trump for Halloween, you're gonna have to buy your  costume at Walmart. 

- Why not just rent Bozo to go trick or treating for you... He's available for gigs. 


A new survey found that 50% of men in the United States shave their legs. 

- Well yeah... I know I always want to look my best when I go in for a pedicure. 


Meanwhile Gettysburg College held a class for male Freshmen telling them that "masculinity is toxic" and the worst three words a boy can hear growing up are "Be a man". 

- Sure... just like Abe Lincoln told the Union troops right before the Battle of Gettysburg. 

- The class was taught by a visiting professor... a Ms. C. Jenner. 


Donald Trump is calling for a both Candidates to take a drug test before tomorrow night's final Presidential Debate. 

- I think that all of us who made it through the first two Presidential Debates are the ones who should be tested for drugs. 


Al Gore and Climate Change activists are trying to have the criteria for Hurricanes to be changed so we will have more "Traumatic Weather Events" that can be blamed on humans. 

- Al made the announcement after flying his private jet halfway around the world to attend a "Cut The Emissions" Rally. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!



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