RIP... Glenn Frey. The co-founder of The Eagles has died at the age of 67. According to his lifelong friend Bob Seger, Glenn was in the hospital since November, was in and out of a coma, and finally succumbed to complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. 

Frey was both a guitarist and songwriter...helping pen and sing many of The Eagles hits like "Take It Easy", "Lyin' Eyes", "Hotel California", "Desperado", and "Take It To The Limit". 

The band broke up in 1980 - but reunited for a tour last summer. The Eagles sold over 150 Million albums. Frey was a graduate of Royal Oak Dondero High School. 

One of Frey's solo songs, "The Heat Is On" was featured in the "Beverly Hills Cop" movies. So in a way...a very small way???...we starred in a movie together. 


American Pie singer Don McLean was arrested for domestic violence at his home in Maine. 

- Apparently he got ticked off when he drove his Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.

- He's expected to get 30 days in jail...which is exactly how long it takes to listen to "American Pie" one time. 


According to the "Treasury Ministry", ISIS has cut terrorist fighters salaries in half due to "exceptional circumstances". 

- They've also cut the "Retirement Package" meaning instead of 72 Virgins waiting in the afterlife, they only get 30. 

- With the pay cut a lot of terrorists are having to get a second job to afford suicide vests for their kids. 


A town here in Michigan is selling gas for just 78 cents a gallon. 

- That makes it a cheaper and safer alternative to the drinking water. 


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