The producers of "The Simpsons" revealed that Mr. Burns' assistant Smithers is going to come out as gay in an upcoming episode. 

- He was going to come out last year, but somebody accidentally erased the closet. 

- The producers were going to wait until Bart and Lisa were old enough to understand, but it looks like that's not gonna happen. 


New England Patroit's Quarterback Tom Brady has backed off his endorsement of Donald Trump, saying he'll vote for whoever he feels is the best candidate.  

- Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is a tad deflated. 


A new survey shows that 59% of Americans don't believe immigrants learn English quickly enough. 

- To hear more about this story in one. 


A dog in Nova Scotia got trapped under a car bumper for 125 miles and survived without a single injury. 

- If Mitt Romney had known about this UNDER the car trick, he'd be in the White House right now. 


Google is going to provide high-speed WiFi in 400 railway stations in India.  

- So now that tech named "Steve" will be able to help you with your computer problems before he even gets to work. 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced that their baby boy is due on Christmas day. 

- It will be a lot like Jesus's birth except there won't be Three Wise Men or a Virgin anywhere in the area. 

- Kim plans on having a home birth.... in a 22,000 square foot manger. 

- There will be plenty of barnyard animals on hand including a dozen sheep, ten oxen and six asses - if you count Kanye. 


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