The Lions lost... but Congratulations to both U of M and MSU for their big wins this weekend at their home openers!

And speaking of winning... Miss Georgia, 21 year old Betty Cantrell was crowned Miss America Sunday night, despite giving a bizarre answer to a question about Tom Brady and Deflategate. 

- She had a hard time concentrating on the question, because her own implants had started to deflate. 


Rick Perry became the first Republican Candidate to withdraw from the Presidential race. 

- He had 3 reasons for pulling out, but could only remember 2 of them. 


Speaking of politics... Hillary Clinton told an audience that as President, she would have our military wipe out Iran if they violated our trust on the Nuclear deal. 

- This is a departure for Hillary...usually when she wipes something out, she uses the delete key. 

- Am I the only one who thinks President Obama ALREADY violated our trust on the nuke deal with Iran? 


A survey by found that a growing number of women are using pricey face creams that contain bird poop. 

- Call me crazy but I'd think that would make your Crow's feet worse.  


Sir Elton John says he'd like to meet with Vladimir Putin to try and change his anti-gay policies. 

- And to see him in person without a shirt. 


Season 21 of Dancing With the Stars premieres tonight featuring "celebs" including Paula Deen, Chaka Khan, Gary Busey, and Victor Espinoza, the jockey who rode "American Pharaoh" into Triple Crown history. 

- Despite being the shortest male competitor at 5' 2", Espinoza is the favorite to win, according to a Gallop poll.


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!