Joe Biden met with Elizabeth Warren on Saturday to gauge her interest in being his running mate in 2016. 

- Their campaign slogan will be “Biden-Warren…Just in Case Hillary’s in the Slammer”. 


On Friday, the FDA formally approved the first ever “female Viagra” pill. 

- Married men are thrilled to have a cheap alternative to remodeling the kitchen. 


A survey by CareerCast.Com found that surgeons have the highest paying jobs. 

- And if they have to take a pay cut, it’s very precise and barely leaves a scar.  


On his upcoming trip, the Pope says he wants to enter the U.S. by crossing the Mexican border. 

- Why not? Everyone else is. 

- Donald Trump says that if elected President, he'll perform a real miracle and get people to go the other way. 


A New Jersey woman says that Frankie Valli had sex with her when he was an adult and she was just 16.

- He’s lucky… She kneed him in the groin and permanently changed him from a baritone to a soprano. 

- To his credit, she says he did keep insisting “I…Love…You…Baaaabbbby!”


An Ashley Madison spokesperson assured users that there are no other breaches on their servers. 

- There aren't very many “britches” on their clients either. 

- A new site has been launched that guarantees complete security. Just go to 


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