The website released a list of the "10 Snobbiest Places in Michigan". Here are the results from 10 to 1:

10. Saline

9. Okemos

8. Novi

7. Troy

6. Petoskey

5. Traverse City

4. Royal Oak

3. Plymouth

2. Rochester

And the Snobbiest place in Michigan... Northville. 

- Is it just me or did someone forget Birmingham...or Melvindale...or Flint???


Donald Trump reported for jury duty in New York City yesterday. 

- He told the judge he would not vote in any trial unless he was elected Foreman.  


Disney announced that a new Star Wars-themed land is coming to Disney World. 

- They could save a lot of money by just making Yoda the 8th Dwarf. 

- I can't wait to hear Darth Vader say "Mickey Mouse...I am your father". 

- They came up with the concept a long time a galaxy far, far away. 


China unveiled a sculpture that's identical to Chicago's famous sculpture, The Bean. 

- But the Chinese version comes in a giant White Carton and is covered with the Chef's Special Sauce. 


A new study shows that women who work more than forty hours a week struggle to get pregnant. 

- A related study found that women who work more than forty hours a week trying to get pregnant are happy, but exhausted. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!