To all of you Dad's out there... I hope you had as great a Father's Day as I did! The whole family went out for lunch and our six daughters treated!!!! As for the eight grandkids... they were at the other end of the table and were busy running up the tab! 


Hallmark is reporting that 180 million men received a Father's Day gift yesterday. 

- It would have been 180 million and one...but Bruce Jenner got all his gifts on Mother's Day. 


Severe storms with winds up to 70mph, golf ball size hail, and even a possible tornado may put a damper on tonight's Ford Fireworks on the Detroit River. 

- So guys...if it's Fireworks you're after, you might want to go the old fashioned "flowers for no reason" route. 


A Rochester, New York high school announced that their sports teams will no longer be called the Orientals. 

- I guess they just couldn't sweep this issue under the rug any longer. 

- They'll know be known by the more politically correct name: "The Amazin' Asians!"


The FBI has released a cookbook of their favorite recipes. 

- The book is entitled "America's Most Wanted Slow Cooker Creations!" 

- You can see pictures of the dishes at your local post office. 


The Statue of Liberty turns 130 years old this week. 

- And she's still carrying a torch for that guy she dated in high school. 


In a new book,  Playboy Bunny Holly Madison says that she didn't enjoy sex with Hugh Hefner. 

- Hugh issued a statement saying he once slept with DOLLY Madison and she even sent him a thank you note. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!