Happy Birthday to the GREAT Gordie Howe! The Red Wing Legend turns 87 today...and after reportedly being near-death just 4 months ago, his son says he is doing well and looking forward to celebrating with his family in Texas. 

On a personal note, as the Captain and Founder of the "Purtan No-Stars" media hockey team back in the 70's, I had many encounters on the ice with Gordie during our weekly practice sessions, which he loved to attend after his first retirement. Since I played Goalie, I can proudly say that I once stopped one of Gordie's many shots on the net. And when you're talking Gordie Howe, one out of a hundred isn't bad! 

Happy 87th Gordie! 


Woke up with snow on the ground at my house this morning. 

- So it's looks like March came in like a lamb, and went out like a Detroit Lion. 


Indiana police say that a man accidentally drove off a bridge because he was following his GPS. 

- Mother's everywhere will now be saying, "Just because your GPS told you to drive off a bridge...would you do it?". 


A new study claims that getting more sleep is the key to weight loss. 

- So I'm guessing Michael Moore is an insomniac. 

- The rule does not apply to people who wake up with orange Cheeto dust all over their fingers. 


A video has gone viral that depicts a sequel to the Lego movie as a horror film. 

- And if you've ever stepped on a Lego in bare feet, you know just how horrifying they can be. 


Hollywood insiders say that HBO's new documentary on Scientology could could topple Tom Cruise from his acting pedestal. 

- Of course at his height, it won't be a very long fall. 


Jamie Foxx is being slammed on Twitter for telling jokes about Bruce Jenner at the iHeart Radio Awards. 

- Hey... It takes a lot of cajones to make fun of a guy who's decided he doesn't want his anymore. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!