Membership for the online dating site "Plenty of Fish" has ballooned to 100 million users. 

- It's only 50 million, if you don't count the Married people. 


"50 Shades of Grey" is coming out on DVD and Blu Ray on May 8th.

- Talk about a great Mother's Day gift!


Facebook is launching a new feature called "On This Day" that shares your posts from the same day last year. 

- It's for you Historians out there. 

- Also for the people who want to know if the stuff they posted last year was just as uninteresting as the stuff they put up now. 


The U.S. Army announced that they're charging former POW Bowe Bergdahl with "Desertion". 

- Meanwhile the terrorists we gave to the Taliban to get Bowe back are enjoying all-expense paid vacations at their local Jihadist's "Club Med". 


Burger King stores in Japan are reportedly planning to sell Whopper scented cologne. 

- It's designed to complement their "French Fry Grease" shower gel. 

- This is great news for teenagers who want their parents to think they actually have an after school job. 


A Grosse Pte. Park businessman is being investigated by the FBI for selling human body parts worldwide. 

- His wife became suspicious when after dancing with him, she realized he had two left feet. 


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