The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin turns 73 today. 

- So hats off to Aretha. SERIOUSLY... Hats OFF! 

- Just kidding about the hat... I meant no dis-R-E-S-P-E-C-T. 

- At 73, she not only "Says a Little Prayer" but takes Lipitor too. 


H.J. Heinz and Kraft Foods Group are merging in a mega-deal that will form the fifth largest food and beverage firm in the world.

- This is great news for your kids who will now have 57 varieties of Mac and Cheese to choose from! 

- Personally, I can't wait for the new "Macaroni & Ketchup". 


Radaronline is reporting that Bruce Jenner will appear on next fall's season of Dancing With The Stars after completing his transgender surgery to become a woman. 

- What better place to show off his new Cha-Cha's???


A Huffington Post poll found that 13% of Americans have been in an "open" relationship. 

- And a full 2% of them actually told their spouses about it. 


The White House has designated former Facebook engineer David Redcorn as its new Director of Information Technology. 

- So look for a lot more Kale recipes from Michelle Obama showing up in your Facebook newsfeed! 


Telemundo is running a Spanish version of the miniseries "The Bible" starting at 8pm tonight. 

- It's pretty much the same as the original, except at The Last Supper they serve Chimichangas and refried beans. 


Legendary rocker David Crosby accidentally hit a jogger with his car on a California highway. 

- The most amazing part of the story is that police DON'T think drugs or alcohol were involved. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!