Donald Trump announced this morning that he is forming a Presidential  exploratory committee saying "I am the only one who can make America truly great again." 

- He then went to breakfast and said, "Leggo My Ego". 

- If he ends up running, he won't have a Vice President, he'll have a "White House Apprentice". 


The head of Starbucks is being mocked all over social media after instructing employees to write "RaceTogether" on it's paper cups and talk about race relations with customers while making their coffee. 

- I have a feeling those customers will be "Racing" over to Tim Horton's for their morning cup of joe.  

- The CEO got the idea when he overheard a customer saying he'd like his coffee "Black". 


Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles arrived in the US last night for a four day visit, including a dinner with the Obamas. 

- In keeping with tradition, they'll serve Fish 'n Chips for Charlies and Oats for Camilla. 


TMZ reports that Kris Jenner is no longer speaking to Bruce Jenner. 

- Which is odd...usually you get two women on the phone and they can talk forever! 


Kraft has recalled 6.5 million boxes of their Macaroni 'n Cheese because they might contain small fragments of metal. 

- Apparently it was an idea to get more Iron in kids diets that went terribly awry. 


A poll by the University of Michigan found that 67% of parents share parenting tips on social media. 

- And 99% of Grandmothers talk about everything those parents are doing WRONG raising their grandchildren. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!