Bill Clinton posted a pic of him in his hotel room watching Hillary debate, and tweeted: "What happens in I watch @HillaryClinton prove she's the most qualified candidate for POTUS. #ImWithHer". 

- The big question this morning isn't if Hillary won the debate, but who was in Bill's hotel room talking pictures??? 


Donald Trump also took to Twitter during the debate, repeatedly referring to the Democrat candidates as "Clowns". 

- I guess it takes a Bozo to know one. 


A Yahoo News survey found that cyber cheating can do as much damage to a marriage as regular cheating. 

- On the bright side, instead of getting an STD, the worst you'll end up with is Carpel Tunnel. 


A study published in the Lancet found that two thirds of men in China smoke cigarettes. 

- They like them because, like their food, they come in cartons. 

- So this explains all the smoke and smog in Beijing during the Olympics. 


The Bunny Ranch in Nevada announced that they will begin helping their "employees" pay off their student loans. 

- Instead of a monthly payment, they'll send in the money on an hourly basis. 


Police found a cell phone and two chargers inside the stomach of a prison inmate who tried to smuggle them into jail after being out on a day pass. 

- Doctors aren't sure if they'll operate or just wait for the butt dialing to begin.  

- Eating a phone? This guy must have had quite the App-etite. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!