Matthew Stafford and the Lions trounced the New York Giants 35-14 in front of a National Audience last night in their first game under new coach Jim Caldwell. As they say in Showbiz... "This Could Be The Start Of Something Big!" - or not. Let's hope!

And to make it a perfect night downtown, the Tigers beat the K.C. Royals 9-5. If the Tigs win today, they'll be just one game behind Kansas City for 1st place. 

Go Lions! Go Tigers! Go Detroit! 


Channel 7 Meteorologist Dave Rexroth was back on the air yesterday after the 4th of July fireworks accident that took his left eye. Congratulations Dave! It's great to have you back! Now if you could just do something about these storms...


Apple will unveil it's "next big things" later today.  The show-stopper will allegedly be the new iPhone 6 with a much larger screen. Soon to follow will be a software update that will allow you to start your coffee maker from your phone. 

- It's called the iCaf... or in my case, the iDecaf.

- To think Juan Valdez spends all that time on a donkey harvesting the beans, and Americans are too lazy to get off the couch and push a button. 


The Olive Garden announced their new "7-Week Unlimited Pasta Pass" for $100. People who buy the pass online can eat all the pasta and breadsticks they want, as many times as they'd like. 

- The company will be changing their slogan from "When You're Here...You're Family" to "When You're Here...You're Fat". 


Iranian officials say the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently had a routine prostate procedure. 

- The bad news is Doctors say they expect a full recovery. 


Fran Drescher, of "The Nanny" fame revealed that she married Shiva Ayyaduari, the inventor e-mail. 

- Lois Lerner was invited to the nuptials but said she lost the email invite. 

- Shiva actually invented the email as a way to communicate with Fran without having to hear her speak. 


According to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of homeschooled students has spiked by 25%. 

- It's not that the kids like being taught by their parents, they just want to be able to eat Hot Dogs and Doritos for lunch. 

- On the downside, it's a lot harder to make your Mom believe the dog ate your homework if you don't have a dog. 

- On the bright side, homeschooled girls are a shoe-in for Homecoming Queen. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!