Autumn arrived at 10:29 last night making today the first official day of Fall. 

- As opposed to September 1st through the 22nd which were "Unofficial Fall". 

- I refuse to let go of Summer yet...I'm just switching to my thermal sandals and fur-lined shorts. 


Yesterday the Obama administration announced that in response to a former US Soldier jumping the fence and making his way into the White House with a knife last week, they will now keep the front door locked. 

- They'll also put an "ADT" sign on the front lawn and install one of those fake "Barking Dog" motion sensors. 

- Don't tell anyone...but they're going to leave a key under the doormat in case the President leaves his in his Golf Bag. 

- Good to see they've finally got this whole "National Security" thing nailed down.  


A study by the University of Sydney found that, like humans, there are optimistic and pessimistic dogs. 

- But all dogs are "Piss-i-mistic" when it comes to your living room carpet. 


Starbucks is testing a beer-flavored coffee which is meant to taste like a Guinness. 

- They're trying to capture the all important "Beer & Scones" market. 

- To counter the move, Budweiser is introducing a beer that tastes like coffee. It's called "French Roast Light". 


Santa Monica, California announced plans to host the world's first "Vegan Octoberfest". 

- There isn't enough beer in the world to wash down a Bratwurst made out of Chick Peas. 


University of Michigan football coach Brady Hoke says he's not worried about getting fired despite the team's poor start. 

- It's that kind of positive thinking that has landed the Wolverines where they are today. 

- Why do I feel an "I'm retiring to spend more time with my family" speech coming on? 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!