Scotland is voting today on whether or not to secede from the U.K. which they joined back in 1707. 

- The Scots won't use paper ballots...they'll just vote "up or down" by raising their kilts. 

- Brings back memories of all those Hanging Chads...


ISIS terrorists released a trailer for a propaganda movie called "Flames of War". 

- There are now more ISIS videos on the internet than "Ice Bucket Challenges" and "Cute Cat Clips" combined. 

- If the trailer works as they hope, the movie will Bomb. 


The MacArthur Foundation revealed its annual list of "Genius Grants". Winners will receive $500,000 a piece. 

- Congratulations to Kim Kardashian for NOT making the list for the 10th year in a row! 

- Ironically, not one guy from the Genius Bar at the Apple Store made the cut either. 


A new report says the child vaccination rate in Beverly Hills is lower than it is in the Sudan or in Chad. 

- Put another way, "Chicken Pox is the New Black!"

- But Beverly Hills has way more kids named "Sudan" and "Chad". 


Health authorities say areas of Syria that are controlled by ISIS have much higher rates of STD's. 

- Apparently the jihadists are excited by the 72 Virgins waiting for them in Heaven...but are even MORE EXCITED by the Hookers here on earth. 


Apple added a "delete U2 button" so iTunes users can remove the free album that was automatically sent to their libraries. 

- I spent the whole morning looking for the button, But I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here tomorrow with a brand new Podcast! (#137)