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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #136. Our special guest Dale Johnson of the Salvation Army joins us as we "rehearse" a 2-minute presentation that we're giving on "Harrison the Bed & Bread Truck" before an audience of 2000 people. What makes it interesting is not only the content, but the fact that we "practice" it exactly as it's written...typos and all. Dale, who wrote the script, blames the errors on his 5 year old cousin who he claims typed it. But wait! There's more...

- I explain why I had to hand-sign all 4,025 copies of the poster pictured above for the Salvation Army Junior Bed & Bread Club. 

- We talk of the Ray Rice controversy currently dominating the NFL and the tragedy of Alex Karras. 

- For a little "Musical Interlude"...Jackie explains the bathtub routine she used to do with her son Charlie when he was a toddler - that made sure all of his "important parts" got squeaky clean. 

- I explain why of my six daughters, the revelation that daughter #5, Jessica, was a girl stands out most vividly in my mind.

From the Stage to Bathtub to a's all here in Podcast #136!  (26:44)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!