Apple unveiled it's highly anticipated "Apple Watch" yesterday which can monitor how much exercise you're getting. It also lets you text and send emails from your wrist. 

- So now you'll need two hands to text while driving. Good move Apple! 

- How long before we hear about the first case of iCarpelTunnelSyndrome? 


The iPhone 6 was also introduced. It comes in two sizes, both with a much larger screen and an improved camera that takes better pics & video and has slo-motion and time-lapse features.

- Bottom line: The next naked pics we see of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton are gonna be waaaaaaay better than the last ones!  


The Tigers are tied for 1st Place with Kansas City after taking down the Royals last night 4-2. With a win tonight, weather permitting, the Tigers will be alone atop the division with 17 games left to go!

Game time: 7:08pm.  GO TIGS! 


Meteorologists say big storms are likely to bring heavy rains, damaging winds and possibly extensive power outages all across the Metro Detroit area this afternoon and evening. 

- The only people who don't know about the impending weather are the ones who still don't have electricity from last week's storms. 


Tonight President Obama will deliverer a Prime Time speech detailing his plan to "degrade and destroy" ISIS.  

- "Degrade & Destroy" is just like "Shock & Awe"...except for the "Shock" part since we're telling them ahead of time. 


Panera Bread announced that all of their stores will become gun-free zones - but that instead of having employees enforce the policy, they'll count on customer cooperation. 

- So much for their "Soup, Sandwich & 32 Caliber Lunch Combo". 


Have a great day...and Happy, Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Julie (#6) - wife of Brad and mother of my 2-and-a-half year old grandson Brayden! See you back here Thursday!