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Welcome to Labor Day Weekend, the last gasp of summer vacation, and Podcast #134. Today, Jackie and I welcome special guest and former "Purtan's Person" Tom Delisle to the dining room table. Topics include: 

- Who was the largest selling musical act in the world that filled the gap after Elvis and before the Beatles? 

- Tom's job as emcee of that group's "Fan Fantasy Camp" every year. 

- How Tom wrote the pilot for the short-lived "Tony Orlando Variety Show" - but couldn't stand talking to Tony and why. 

- The Emmy I won...and what I won if for.

- How one year later, the "Dick Purtan Comedy Hour" won an Emmy and how the committee came up one Statuette short because of something I did.  

- My dread as we began shooting my TV Special because I thought it would be the end of my career in Television...and Radio!

- How a fistfight led me to take over the morning show a few weeks earlier than I was supposed to. 

- Jackie's new plan to ditch her reading glasses by wearing one contact lens.  

- And the "Purtan Family Secret" about a certain body part that explains why Jackie has been in "thumb therapy" for years... and which of my other daughters has two completely different thumbs - one from each side of the family. 

So have a great Holiday Weekend and give Podcast #134 a listen...Hopefully you'll give it "Two Thumbs Up"!   (45:33) 


PS...See you back here Tuesday!