Well the 20th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise has come and gone...and of them, I participated in 14. We'd do the show on the radio in the morning from a tower on Woodward, then at night I joined my daughter JoAnne on Channel 7 for the television broadcast. 

I'll never forget Emceeing a wedding (if you can emcee a weeding) on one of the telecasts with Doc and Big Al serving as the groomsmen for the happy couple. After the ceremony, a fight broke out backstage among the two families. 

Aside from throwing my shoulder out from too much waving one year, (I now wave like the Queen) and inhaling more carbon monoxide from the old classic cars than I needed, it was always a good time! 


New reports say that Hillary Clinton did NOT "hug it out" with Barack Obama in Martha's Vineyard as was first reported.

- Those same reports confirm that Bill did indeed try to "kiss it out" with half of the catering staff. 


The CEO of the Girl Scouts is under fire for taking an $83,000 bonus despite massive budget cuts. 

- Hey...That's how the cookie crumbles. 

- She's planning on using the cash to take a trip to Samoa. 


Researchers at Virginia Tech University found that various plant species communicate by releasing chemical signals into the air. 

- So do the members of most College fraternities. 


Two competitors in the World Chess Olympiad in Norway died within hours of each other - one during the middle of a match. 

- Instead of ending the match, officials just sent it into "Sudden Death Overtime". 

- Fans in attendance described it as God's way of saying "Check Mate". 

- This is why I stick to BINGO. This kind of stuff never happens during the World Bingo Olympiads. 


Kenya is refusing to let in any vacationers traveling from Ebola-hit nations. 

- And so goes my annual "Labor Day Weekend In Kenya".

- This is going to have a dramatic effect on Kenya's usually booming "Tar-Paper-Huts-Tours" industry. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!