Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dave Rexroth, Chief Meteorologist at Channel 7 who was severely injured in a fireworks accident Friday night. He was vacationing with his family in Iowa, where he remains hospitalized. He is scheduled to undergo surgery on Wednesday to begin the process of providing him with a prosthetic eye. 

My daughter JoAnne has had the pleasure of working with Dave for many years at WXYZ and I can tell you from personal experience that he is a super and extremely funny guy. 

Please join my entire family and me in sending positive thoughts and Prayers to Dave and his family as they go through this very difficult time. You can leave a note on Dave's Facebook page or send a "Get Well" tweet to @rexroth7wxyz. 

He's expected to be back in front of the camera forecasting in September! 



In other news...

A noted physicist says that by the year 2045, humans will no longer be the top species on earth. 

- That is, if the Kardasian's are allowed to continue procreating. 


Joan Rivers made waves recently by saying that the President was gay and that the First Lady was a transexual. 

- Rivers used to support the Obamas, but apparently is two-faced...neither of which can move. 


Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of her dead dog under her left breast. 

- Sadly, by the time she's 50, nobody will be able to tell that she ever had a dog. 

- Miley's a boob...and now so is her dead dog. 

- That dog is going to get (heavy) petted in death a million times more than it did in life. 


Over the holiday weekend, a 116-year-old woman in Arkansas was named the oldest living American. 

- If you want to congratulate her, call now! Being named the "Oldest Living Anything" usually means you'll be dead inside a week. 

- In a related story, Larry King was named the "Oldest Living American Who Looks Like a Giant Grasshopper." 


Pope Francis says businesses that stay open on Sundays are not good for society and have a negative impact on family. 

- Especially when those businesses have names like "Hooters" and "The Dollar Lap Dance Store". 


An Australian TV station aired a damaging video of Oscar Pistorius reenacting the killing of his girlfriend. 

- It wasn't damaging, until Oscar started criticizing the director saying, "That's all wrong! I was over HERE when I killed her!" 


Have a great day and I'll see you back Tuesday!