Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #129! In my latest "Podisode" Jackie and I sit down at the Purtan dining room table and "chew" on a whole plateful of topics including: 

- Edward Snowden and Pavlov's Dog. (Does that ring a bell?) 

- Jimmy Kimmel's new baby daughter and her great old fashioned name. 

- How my name, "Dick", may be making a comeback. (Okay...I said may be)

- How the names of two of my Grandson's, Jack and Charlie may live forever and why. 

- A "Biz-Quiz"... The Heirs to which family are the wealthiest in the world?  

- The Clintons and the money they make for their speeches...including Chelsea!

- I do my world famous Bill Clinton impression. 


- The new skinny pics app...that can have you dropping 50 pounds with the click of a button.

So pull up a chair, snack on something caloric (you can "delete" that spare tire later), and join us for Podcast #129!  (20:55)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday with my regular blog! 


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