The current wave of changes in the Comic Book industry continues. Marvel Comics is changing the gender of their popular "Thor" character from a man to a woman. 

- If you thought he was Thor now, he's really gonna be Thor after the surgery! 

- So this week alone, "Archie" died taking a bullet for a gay friend and "Thor" is having a sex change. Are these comic books or HBO? 


Sources say that Pope Francis is hinting that priests may soon be allowed to marry and have kids. 

- I can hear it now..."Just wait 'til your Father, the Father gets home!" 

- If the Priests do get married look for them to teach their kids a lot of "Hail Mary" passes.  


Al Qaeda's monthly magazine "Inspire" is encouraging jihadists to attack the U.S. Tennis Open. 

- Remember the good old days when if you wanted to see an explosion at a tennis match, the judge just had to tell John McEnroe that his tennis ball was "out"?

- It's the best selling Al Qaeda issue since "Babes in Burkas" came out in February. 


MTV is launching a new TV show called "Virgin Territory" that follows a group of young girls some of whom are trying to lose their virginity. 

- It's really a throwback to MTV's old format...when they played videos by Madonna. 


Ron Howard announced that he's directing an authorized Beatles documentary. 

- He's going to put his own spin on it...for instance the section on the Fab Four's drug days will be called "Mayberry LSD". 


Lindsay Lohans spokesperson says she was not drunk when she fell down at the Ischia Film Festival in Italy. 

- She was high on crack...but she was definitely NOT drunk. 


From the Good News Department... Channel 7's Dave Rexroth says his recovery is going well! He'll meet with his doctors in Iowa today, then head back here to get ready for his prosthetic eye surgery in August! 

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!