The CIA launched an official Facebook account over the weekend. 

- So far they have no "Friends" ...that we know of. 

- Their first post was of a cat named "Checkers". He also goes by the aliases: "Señor Fluffball", "Adolf Catler", & "Kitty Jong Un". 


Freed POW Bowe Bergdahl, who is being "debriefed" in Germany, refuses to talk on the phone to his parents.

- His father is distraught saying, "For the love of Allah, somebody get my son on the phone!"

- It wouldn't even cost anything since the Bengdahl's have Bowe on their "Friends, Family and Terrorists" calling plan. 


This week marks the 20th Anniversary of O.J. Simpson's infamous White Bronco police chase. 

- Whatever happened with that anyway? 

- O.J. will commemorate the event by letting the guards chase him around the prison yard...really slowly. 


California Chrome lost his bid for the Triple Crown when he came in 4th in Saturday's Belmont Stakes. His owner blamed the loss on horse racing rules. 

- As opposed to the MSNBC sports broadcast team who blamed it on George W. Bush. 


Mick Jagger spent the weekend with a mystery woman in a Swiss Hotel, but his spokesman says he is still getting over the recent suicide of his long-time girlfriend. 

- This proves that everybody "grieves" in their own way. 


A report by a British Cardiologist claims that being morbidly obese will help people avoid a lot of diseases. 

- That's because you die of a heart attack so young, you don't have time to get anything else. 


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