A bride and groom have come under fire after attaching their one month old daughter to the train of her mom's wedding dress.  

- Isn't the groom the one who's usually dragged down the aisle? 

- The Bride said she wanted to keep with tradition and wear "Something Old & Something Newborn". 

- I've heard of getting "dumped" at the Altar...but never by someone wearing Pampers. 


Researchers at Howard Hughes University have located the gene that produces blonde hair in women. 

- They've named the gene "Clairol #57"

- I knew someone would get to the root of this eventually. (bada boom!)


Google is spending $1 Billion on satellites that will bring internet service to the entire planet. 

- Don't believe me? Google it. 

- If you thought Santa and Mrs. Claus had the perfect marriage, just wait until the North Pole gets internet porn. 


Fugitive Taliban boss, Mullah Omar, declared victory after exchanging one American POW for five high level Taliban detainees from GITMO.

- In fact he hung up a banner in Arabic that translated to: "Mission Accomplished!"

- Taliban leaders were so excited by the move they blew up thousands of balloons and suicide bombers. 


Singer Chris Brown was released after 108 days in prison and vows to change his ways. 

- He figures if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. 


Speaking of train wrecks...Police have located Miley Cyrus's $105,000 Maserati that was stolen from her home.

- Police say that, unlike Miley, the car is in perfect condition and barely has any miles on it.

- What kind of a Twerk steals a girl's car?


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