It was tough to get any sleep last night with the incredible thunderstorms that lasted through this morning. 
- There hasn't been that much thunder since Kwame Kilpatrick and the boys got together at the prison mess hall for the monthly "All You Can Eat Franks & Beans Buffet". 
Facebook lifted it's ban on breast feeding photos. 
- Instead they'll ban pictures of bottle feeding since those never get any "Likes". 
Don Ennis, an ABC News producer who switched genders 3 times, has been fired. 
- Friends say he's taking the firing like a man...On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The rest of the week he's taking it like a woman. 
- Kind of makes you long for the good old days when we had people like Chastity/Chaz Bono who only changed gender once. 
7-Eleven is the latest U.S. franchise to set up shop in the United Arab Emirates. 
- They're just like our 7-Eleven's but the sign on the door reads: "No Burka, No Sandals, No Service." 
- They also have the traditional "Goat-On-A-Bun" hot dogs on the roller.  
- They also offer the "Suicide Bomber Burrito". Microwave it for more than 72 seconds and it explodes. 
Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed that the US may join forces with Iran to end the violence in the Middle East. 
- I think we have the front-runner for next year's "Nobel Peace of Crap Prize"!
Lady Gaga made a surprise visit to an arts school in Astoria, Queens dressed as Cher. 
- How could they tell? 
- Gay guys at the school haven't been this excited since Adam Lambert won American Idol. 
Kenya's president is urging tourists to vacation in Kenya. 
- They're slogan is: "Everybody's Flying To Kenya...20 Million Mosquitos Can't Be Wrong!"
Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!