It's official! The 3.1 inches of snow that fell across Metro Detroit overnight brought this winter's total to 94.8 inches. That breaks the old record of 93.6 inches set back in 1880-1881. 

-  A lot of people blame this year's snow and cold weather on Global Warming...Remember the good old days when we blamed it all on Canada? 


It's Tax Day! 

- The day we get to pay the Federal government for everything they didn't do last year. 

- Why bother sending in the tax forms...the NSA already told the IRS what we owe anyway. 


KFC is selling an edible corsage just in time for prom season. 

- It comes in two styles: Mild or Extra Spicy depending on what kind of girl you think she is. 

- It's the first corsage made with a secret blend of eleven herbs and spices. 


After Palm Sunday Mass, Pope Francis hopped off the Pope-Mobile to snap selfies with young people. 

- He took the pics using his iPope. 

- He posted them on Facebook...and if you're smart, you'll "Like" every one of 'em. 


A Sacramento man is facing charges after he tried to open a door during a Southwest Airlines Flight. 

- Apparently he thought he was flying "Malaysian Air". 


"Captain America" was the big winner at the box office for the second straight week.

- And "Uncle Sam" was the big winner today for the 101st straight year since Federal Taxation became the law of the land in 1913. 


Oscar Pistorious now claims he didn't fire 4-bullets through a locked bathroom door in "self-defense" against an intruder, but instead, it was an "accidental involuntary action".  

- This guy changes stories more often than Obamacare changes deadlines. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!