RIP Sid Caesar... The incredibly talented comedic actor, who hosted "Your Show of Shows" - a 90 Minute LIVE weekly Comedy TV show in the 1950's has died at the age of 91. He was - and still is - widely regarded as one of the most gifted comic talents this country has ever seen. I'm proud to say that the Purtan family has a personal history with Mr. Caesar! It's gets rather complicated - so I'll save it for tomorrow's Podcast! Here is one of his classic "Double-Speak" routines from "Caesar's Hour" - another one of his television shows - back in 1954. 

Using one of his controversial "Executive Orders", President Obama raised the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour.

- Which basically means that up until now, the people who built the Obamacare website were making the same amount as the guy who asks if you want fries at McDonalds. 

- A lot of legal scholars say the "Executive Orders" are the President signed an "Executive Order" making it legal to deport legal scholars. 


The FDA approved a pill-sized camera that doctors can use for colonoscopies. All the patients have to do is "swallow" the camera. 

- This is going to make for some interesting new profile pics on Facebook. 


A nun in Italy who gave birth to a baby boy says she didn't even know she was pregnant. 

- Apparently she also didn't know that she's not allowed to have sex. 

- Nuns really frown on women having babies out of wedlock! 


Michael Jordan's wife gave birth to identical twin girls in Charlotte, NC. 

- So now they've got a pair of "Heir Jordan's". 


According to a new study, 67% of people in committed relationships know their spouses online passwords. 

- That's nothing compared to the 100% of NSA workers who know everyone's online passwords. 


Iran sent war ships passing by the U.S. Atlantic coast to try and intimidate us. 

- The US Navy immediately ordered Royal Caribbean to send their ship "Norovirus of the Seas" to the Persian Gulf. 

- That outta give the Iranians a run for their money. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday with a shiny new Podcast! (#111).

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