I can't thank you enough for your amazing response and wonderful comments about my wife Gail on her Birthday yesterday! She had a great day...and was overwhelmed by your kindness! 


A Congressional Report found that Medicare has spent over $444 million on erectile dysfunction products in the last year. 

- And they expect that number to rise. 

- It would be even more, but Larry King has a really high co-pay. 

- So apparently, When The Moment Is Right...Medicare Is Ready. 


According to a survey by BabyCenter.com, the most popular baby name in the UK this year is Muhammed. 

- It's just so...BRITISH!

- Look for the next 007 movie where we'll hear "The names Bond. Muhammed Bond."


Bobby Keys, the saxophone player for the Rolling Stones, passed away Tuesday. 

- He wanted to live forever...but hey...You Can't Always Get What You Want. 

- Keith Richard was said to be deeply saddened by the news...after someone reminded him who Bobby Keys was. 


MLB umpire Dale Scott announced that he's gay after 28 years in the league. 

- This gives a whole new meaning to a Pop Up Fly. 


Six female officers have been suspended from the NYPD for posting sexy pictures on Instagram. 

- Some have protested the decision saying the pictures prove these women are among "New York's Finest". 


Heidi Klum is being pressured on Social Media to stop wearing a bikini in public after she was seen in Jamaica with "a very saggy body". 

- And at this very moment, thousands of overweight Frenchmen are strutting around in their Speedos. Where is the outrage??? 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!