Happy, Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, Gail. We met when she was 15 and I was 16. (Hard to believe we're already in our 40's!) Time flies when you marry your High School Sweetheart... a woman who just keeps getting more and more Incredible every year. Here's to the center of my Universe! 


100 human brains, preserved in jars of formaldehyde, have disappeared from a lab at the University of Texas. 

- Police say this type of occurrence is extremely A. B. Normal. (Courtesy of one of my all time favorite movies, Young Frankenstein).


Physicist Stephen Hawking is warning that Artificial Intelligence could end mankind. 

- But "Artificial Boobs" will likely outlast us all.  

- By "Artificial Intelligence" he's referring to your "Fake Facebook Friends" who actually believe you want to see pictures of their cat dressed up as Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials. 


Retailers say that 127 million Americans made credit card purchases on "Cyber Monday". 

- And 127 million hackers used those same credit cards to buy big screen TV's on "Totally Terrific Tuesday". 


A restaurant has opened in Abu Dhabi that uses roller coasters to bring customers their food. 

- Critics gave the food a big thumbs up.....and....then...an even bigger thumbs....DOOOWWWNNNN!


Burt Reynolds is auctioning off 600 personal items because of financial trouble. 

- One is the Golden Globe he won for "Boogie Nights" and the other 599 are Toupees. 


A female Indian game show host was slapped by a studio audience member for wearing a short skirt. 

- Apparently they play "Jeopardy" a little differently over there. 

- In a related story...a female contestant on India's "Wheel of Fortune" was arrested for buying a vowel without a male family member's permission. 


Madonna appears topless in this month's edition of Interview Magazine. 

- Ho Hum. 

- You know the Christmas Season has officially begun when Madonna dusts off the old snow globes. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!