A 51 year old Pontiac man was arrested after stealing an ambulance outside McClaren Hospital Sunday night so he could drive to a strip club in Sterling Heights. 

- He's out on bail...which he paid in Singles. 

- And if things "went well" at the Strip Club...he'd have plenty of antibiotics on hand. 


Airline officials are considering a ban on carry-on luggage amid reports that terrorists are plotting a Christmas attack. 

- So no fruitcakes in the cabin this year...except for that one super happy male flight attendant. 


Computer hackers have stolen five new movies from Sony Pictures and released them on the internet, including "Annie" which doesn't hit theaters for another 3 weeks. 

- Sometimes it really is "A Hard Knock Life". 


A study published in Clinical Pediatrics found that scooters lead to the most toy-related injuries among kids.  

- And for the moms, most toy related injuries occur at Toys R Us during hair pulling fights over who get's the last "Elsa the Ice Queen" doll from the movie "Frozen". 


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's aunt suffered a fatal stroke while arguing with him on the phone. 

- They were arguing about his plan to execute her, so the stroke really just saved time. 

- If Kim knocks off anymore of his relatives, there's gonna be a lot of leftover "Roasted Schnauzer" after the family Christmas dinner. 


The Girl Scouts of America announced that they will now be selling cookies online. 

- There website crashed just moments after Rosie O'Donnell and Chris Christie heard the news. 


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