It's Cyber Monday...the "Black Friday" of online shopping...with deep discounts available on just about everything on the Internet. 

- In the Hacking community, "Cyber Monday" is known as "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year". 


President Obama spent part of the Holiday weekend shopping for books at a Washington bookstore. 

- He got Michelle a copy of "The Joy of Cooking... With Kale". 

- He got himself a copy of "Obamacare For Dummies". 


The new Hunger Games sequel was tops at the Box Office for the second straight week, taking in $56.9 million. 

- Meanwhile the film "The Chinese Hunger Games" took in double that amount...because everyone who saw it, wanted to see it again an hour later. 


NASA scientists are developing a way to make rocket fuel out of human waste. 

- Insiders know the program as "The Kardashian Project". 


James Cameron told Empire Magazine that the upcoming sequels to his film "Avatar" will literally make fans "poop their pants".  

- So I'm thinking this would not make a great "First Date" movie. 


An Italian scientist is studying the learning benefits of posting scientific facts onto pictures of female breasts. 

- Sounds like somebody's wife found his stash of Playboy magazines...


Have a great day and I'll see you back here on Tuesday!