People Magazine has named Australian actor Chris Hemsworth of the "Thor" movies as this year's "Sexiest Man Alive". 

- Wow. I really thought Larry King was going to take it this year. 

- Meanwhile Anthony Weiner has named HIMSELF the "Sexiest Textiest Man Alive". 


Yesterday was the coldest November day in the US since 1976. 

- Gail and my high school friends Don and Gerrie Jeffe live in a suburb of Buffalo known as the "Southern Tier", which is the snow belt, and are currently "enjoying" almost SIX FEET of snow. Two other high school friends, Phyllis and Harry Goodrich, live in a Northern suburb of Buffalo... and have NO snow on the ground at all! 


A study published in the Journal Microbiome found that a 10-second kiss transfers 80 million bacteria between partners. 

- If Madonna kisses Charlie Sheen...the number of bacteria is higher than the National debt. 


According to a new report, wildlife officials have reported multiple incidents of seals sexually harassing penguins. 

- Apparently even Seals are suckers for guys wearing a tux. 


Brazil has finally crowned the winner of their "Miss Butt Brazil" pageant. 

- The winner has been tooting her own horn ever since. 

- Wouldn't ya love to know what she did for the "Talent" portion of the competition???

- According to pageant rules, if her right cheek is unable to perform it's duties for any reason, her left cheek will take over. 


TLC is premiering a new show featuring three families that give up all technology and move to the wilderness for a year. 

- Wouldn't it be cheaper to just show re-runs of "Little House on the Prairie"?


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!