Near record low temperatures...snow squalls...and wind chills dipping below zero on this Tuesday NOVEMBER 18th!

- As Jackie's son Charlie said on the way to school this morning..."Apparently Mother Nature is in a REALLY bad mood!"

- It's so cold out that Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself on Instagram...wearing a pair of XXXL shorts that cover her butt. 


80 year old Charles Manson has gotten a marriage license and plans to marry a 26 year old woman next month, who regularly visits him in prison. The prison has assigned a wedding coordinator for the big event...but there will be no conjugal visits and Manson isn't eligible for parole until 2027. 

- No conjugal visits? I guess he won't be able to start that Second "Manson Family" he's always wanted. 


A study by Wayne State University found that giving Energy Drinks to toddlers isn't safe. 

- Apparently it can lead to the "REALLY Terrible Twos". 


A study by the Children's Hospital of Pittsburg found that 33% of teenage girls have been asked to send a racy picture to a guy. 

- And of that 33%, half were asked by Anthony Weiner, and the other half by Bill Clinton. 


The President of Turkey says that Muslim sailors discovered America 300 years before Christopher Columbus did. 

- So the nursery rhyme should actually go: "In Eleven Hundred and Ninety-Two...Mohammed Sailed The Ocean Blue". 


U2 postponed their Tonight Show appearance after Bono broke his arm in a Central Park bike accident. 

- On the bright side, a video of his arm being put in a cast is being automatically downloaded to your iTunes account at this very minute! 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!