According the International Monetary Fund, China has overtaken the US as the World's Largest Economy. 

- To celebrate, China gave all of it's child workers an extra 5 minute break. 


A study by the CDC found that over 110 million Americans have a sexually transmitted disease. 

- Hey China...Put that in your pipe and smoke it! 

- Now I understand that new online dating site: 


An Australian couple who've been married for 55 years lectured the Pope and his bishops on the joys of sex. 

- After 55 years of marriage you'd think the only person having LESS sex than this couple would be the Pope. 


North Korea's Kim Jong Un hasn't been seen in months, leading to speculation that he's been overthrown. 

- Or thrown to the dogs...literally. 

- Of course he could just be on an extended booze cruise with his BFF Dennis Rodman. 


A group of international scientists claim that the female "G-Spot" doesn't exist. 

- Scientists are nerds...maybe it's just that THEY can't find it. 

- We could ask their wives or girlfriends but scientists don't have wives or girlfriends. 


Fox has ordered a 10-part mini series called "The People vs. O.J. Simpson". 

- I can't wait for the final episode to find out how it ends! 

- The part of Kato Kaelin will be played by Kato Kaelin...since he's got absolutely NOTHING else to do. 


The World Health Organization is warning survivors of Ebola to wear condoms for 90 days. 

- Apparently there are more people who want to do the horizontal Mambo with someone who just got over a deadly disease than I thought. 


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