Tigers swept out of Playoffs with Game 3 with a 2-1 loss to the Orioles yesterday. On the bright side, you can get tickets to today's Game 4 at Comerica for a song...

Making the Sports weekend worse: 

Lions lose in the final seconds to the Bills after Buffalo nails a 58 yard field goal... and Michigan comes up short against Rutgers, 26-24. 

But being the glass-is-half-full kind of guy that I am...let's not forget that the Spartans shucked the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 27-22. 


In a speech Sunday, President Obama promised to fix the economy "for all hard working Americans". 

- So it looks like members of Congress and Secret Service Agents are gonna be on their own. 

- Wouldn't it be great if they fixed the economy so all Americans who want to work hard can actually find a job?


An exclusive WXYZ Channel 7/Detroit Free Press poll found that 93% of people in Michigan think our roads are in bad shape. 

- Ya think??? 

- The other 7% didn't respond because they're still stuck in the giant potholes they fell into last winter. 


TNT has cancelled the updated version of "Dallas" after three seasons. 

- On the bright side...we could wake up tomorrow and find out the announcement was just part of a bad dream. 

- To show you how times have changed, instead of "Who Shot J.R.???" audiences will be left wondering "Who Sent A Drone To Take Out Bobby???"


The horror flick "Annabelle" was the top grossing film at the box office this weekend. It tells the story of a tiny doll that terrorizes the country. 

- It's subtitled "The Miley Cyrus Story".  


A mild earthquake struck Las Vegas on Sunday morning. 

- No injuries were reported...but it did knock a woman off her seat at a slot machine, marking the first time she's moved in 27 years. 

- People who live in Vegas were shaken by the quake, but not nearly as shaken as the tourists who woke up Sunday morning and realized they'd married someone they didn't even recognize the night before. 


Apple plans to release the next generation iPad on October 16th. 

- Apple pops out new members of it's family so often they should have their own reality show..."iOS 8 and Pregnant".  


Have a great day, I'll see you back here Tuesday, and GO TIGS!!!!! Ooops...