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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #138...featuring a return visit by Joe Noune, a "Purtan's Person" on my radio show for many years. Subjects include:  

- Voting "Scotish Style"... Who needs paper ballots when you've got kilts to raise? (So many hanging chads...) 

- The "beauty and ease" of playing the bagpipes...because you only really have to know how to play one song.  

- We play the classic "Polka Grammy" bit from my morning show, featuring Joe as Howard Cosell judging the nominated Polkas. (note: you might want to turn up the volume for this part).

- Why a new study on multi-tasking may spell bad news for women...and hardly affect men at all.

- Favorite old time TV shows and characters. 

- How men don't pay attention to food "expiration dates" and what Mexican restaurants put in their Refried Beans. 


- A  "Secret Purtan Family Recipe" involving Velveeta cheese...and how we lived to tell about it. 

So grab onto your Bagpipes and join us for Podcast #138!  (37:15)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog...